Improving marketing processes

With the content and marketing platform CODIN® you can improve you processes when producing, updating and distributing content as well as your marketing workflows.

We would be happy to analyze your national and international marketing processes and advise you on possible ways for improvement. If you require support in managing your projects, our team would be happy to assist.  On top of distributing content we also offer typesetting for print products.

The workload for your marketing will decrease with the support of our project management.

CODIN® for your content and your marketing

Database supported, automated content distribution and media production accelerates your processes in marketing. Your individual workflows in CODIN® simplify the handling of your projects and the approval process takes place on one central platform. The data can be saved as digital assets and can thus be used as content for different media channels.

The base for the content is you database or CODIN® ‘s database. Your content can be integrated into predefined templates. We are happy to check and correct the formatted data as well as your print products for you.

Further Information on CODIN®

Benefits for you:

  • Cost and time reduction
  • Central content management
  • Cross-media use of content
  • Avoiding duplicate work
  • Reduction of error sources
  • CI-conformity
  • Improved workflows
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Quick overview of running projects
  • Interface for translation processes
  • No plugin required

Efficient processes lead to cost reduction

Prior to implementing CODIN® we analyze your marketing processes with you to ensure that your processes can be integrated as requested. In addition, we establish possible improvements with you. Necessary adjustments to the system are documented in order to provide a tailor-made tool.

Benefits for you:

  • A tool that fits your requirements
  • A high acceptance from your employees
  • One central platform
  • An improved process reduces costs

The CODIN® modules

You can choose from the following CODIN®‘s modules:

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CODIN® Order Platform

For easy distribution
Offer your subsidiaries and customers an order platform for your marketing products as well as advertising material.

CODIN® Media Asset Management

Easy administration of content
Make managing, locating and using cross-media content easy. CODIN® Media Asset Management offers a centralized and web-based tool with individual access rights for text content, images, audio files and videos.

CODIN® Editor

Layout editing online
All content changes can be integrated into the InDesign document with an intuitive user interface without requiring an InDesign license or in-depth program knowledge.


Content for cross-media use
Use our PIM to produce, update and distribute your content. All product information is thus available on one platform and duplicate work on content can be avoided.

CODIN® Templates

Fast and easy editing
Your templates can easily be edited by your subsidiaries and CI conformity is guaranteed on a global scale.

CODIN® Approval

Online approval process
Your approval process for individual versions will become transparent. Copy comments can be implemented directly into the asset or document once the copy has been approved. The approval process includes InDesign documents and text content.

CODIN® Workflow Management

Clearly defined responsibilities
Define the workflow that you require to create your project and assign each step in the process to the person(s) responsible.

CODIN® Translation

Online or with translation memory tools
Do you require your marketing documents or your text content in multiple languages? Would you like your corporate identity to be kept at the same time? CODIN®‘s Translation module offers you two options for international adaptations.

CODIN® Inheritance

Accept changes at the press of a button
Language versions often need to be available shortly after the master version. But how does one deal with additional changes and still guarantee a lean process? With CODIN® Inheritance the changes are carried out only once in the mast document and transferred automatically to different variants of the document.

CODIN® Dashboard & Timing

Everything in view
Get an overview of the completion status of your projects and access the page planning module as well as an overview of your documents. The timing module offers the possibility to organize all processes.

CODIN® Page Planning

Visual approval process
You can use the page planning function to gain an overview of the current status of your projects. The release status of each page is clearly indicated.

CODIN® Pageflip

Create pageflip catalogues online
Use CODIN® to create pageflip catalogues on HTML-5 basis quickly and easily from a PDF or an InDesign document.

CODIN® Database Publishing

Distribute content automatically
Your cross-media data can automatically be inserted into your InDesign templates and thus your corporate design is maintained.

Media channel Print

With the help of CODIN® we are offering the advantages of a media-production service partner. The following can be carried out in high quality for you:
Type setting and final artwork
Your publication, from advertisements and catalogues to price lists, is prepared in high quality ready to be printed. Supplied data is checked and adjusted meticulously. The end result is inspiring.